Fastest THC Detox Methods to Pass a Drug Test

Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, is the main active ingredient of cannabis. This psychoactive compound is what causes the “high” that is the goal of most marijuana users.

The fastest THC detox methods allow you to detox in just 60 minutes. These methods temporarily flush THC metabolites out of the system, rendering them undetectable in a urine sample. However, these methods do not permanently remove the metabolites from your body.

The fastest time you can remove all traces of THC from your system is 7 days. Below, we’ll tell you about methods that are just plain quick, as well as those with longer-lasting effects.

Detox in 60 Minutes

Sometimes, there’s no time to wait for the body to rid itself of the effects of marijuana. Usually, this is the case when a place of business requires its employees to undergo randomized testing.

Want to know how to get clean ASAP? Though they won’t permanently remove traces of THC, these methods come in handy if you need a speedy fix.

Flushing with Water

You will need:

  • Electrolyte drink or powder – This supplement consists of sodium and magnesium, and helps keeps your urine’s specific gravity level in check
  • Creatine ethyl ester supplement. This helps raise the creatinine levels above the cutoff mark, especially if you are struggling with lower levels of this urine component
  • Vitamin B supplement: This gives urine its natural color


  • Take 10 grams of creatine ethyl supplement three hours before the test
  • Take 200 milligrams of vitamin B three hours before the test
  • Drink 1000 milliliters of electrolyte solution every hour for three hours before the test
  • Take a home urine test before visiting the test center

Flushing with Certo and Gatorade

Certo contains fruit pectin that acts as an absorbent and prevents the reabsorption of THC back into the blood from the intestines.

Use Gatorade mixed with certo instead of water, then follow the steps listed above in the previous detox method.

Flushing with Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit and pomelo juices are potent inhibitors of CYP3A4 and CYP2C9 enzymes. Drinking grapefruit juice on the test day will slow the metabolism of THC so that less THC is excreted into the urine.

Grapefruit juice also contains fructose, which blocks the breakdown of fat and slows the excretion of THC into the urine. You can use grapefruit instead of part of the water for better results.

Flushing with Cranberry Juice

Use cranberry juice instead of water for a diuretic effect. Cranberry juice blocks the breakdown of body fat which is good for flushing. Follow instructions the same as above.

Fastest THC Detox Kit

If you don’t have enough time to detox before a drug test, try Greenfleets Fast THC Marijuana Detox Kit. It already contains all required ingredients to effectively flush THC out of your body. This option is the fastest-working THC detox kit and is best for people who don’t want to stop using marijuana.

How Does It Work?

  • Encourages frequent urination, flushing marijuana metabolites from the bladder. This reduces the amount of THC in the urine to lie below a detectable level
  • Blocks fat breakdown so that no more THC metabolites are excreted into the blood
  • Slows the metabolism of THC in the liver, so no more THC metabolites are excreted into the urine
  • Prevents the absorption of THC from the intestines to prevent THC reabsorption back into the blood
  • Increases urine output to remove THC metabolites from the system faster
  • Restores natural urine parameters so as not to appear diluted

What Are the Benefits?

  • Works in just 60 minutes, to be used for random drug testing
  • Effective for up to 5 hours, giving you enough time to pass the test
  • Includes the combination of best detox drinks and pills for ideal results
  • Includes a THC test device, so you can test yourself before the real test
  • Comes with detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Includes healthy detox guide for faster natural detoxification
  • Discreet overnight delivery available
  • Safe for health
  • Lab undetectable

Fastest THC Detox Drink

If a drink is more your style, try QCarbo Plus – the best same-day detox drink.

How Does It Work?

  • Blocks THC metabolites from being released from body fat into the blood
  • Prevents intestinal reabsorption of drug metabolites back into the blood
  • Slows drug metabolism in the liver to prevent metabolites excreted into the urine
  • Encourages frequent urination to flush drug metabolites out of bladder for clean urine
  • Restores urine’s natural color, specific gravity, and creatinine levels

What Are the Benefits?

  • Works in just 60 minutes, to be used for random drug testing
  • Effective for up to 5 hours, giving you enough time to pass the test
  • Comes with detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Safe for health
  • Lab undetectable

Detox Permanently

THC is highly fat-soluble, which means that most THC is absorbed by the fat cells before it’s released back into the blood. The remaining portion becomes metabolites in the liver.

THC’s constant transferral between blood and fat cells means that only a small portion of THC gets removed with quick artificial methods. This is how THC can be detected for weeks even after stopping using marijuana.

To permanently detox from THC/marijuana, there are three items to complete:

  1. Break down fat cells containing THC
  2. Improve enzyme activity (these are responsible for the metabolism of THC)
  3. Prevent THC from reabsorption back into the blood.

So, what are the best methods for a longer-term solution?

Natural Detoxification

When you aren’t in a hurry and want to cleanse all traces for an extended period, remember the body’s innate setup for detoxification. The combination of acids and enzymes in your stomach, as well as the liver and kidneys, work together to naturally rid your system of foreign chemicals.

Of course, the simplest way to completely detox from THC is by abstaining from usage. But short of going cold turkey, there are a variety of non-pill and non-drink options that can speed up the body’s detox process while contributing to an overall healthier lifestyle.

These methods include:

  • Losing body fat through diet and exercise, or intermittent fasting
  • Try one of these supplements to speed up enzyme activity:
    • John’s wort extract 300 mg 3 times daily with each meal
    • Panax ginseng 500 mg twice daily
    • Ginkgo biloba 240 mg daily
  • Take 5g of activated charcoal 30 minutes before each meal. This prevents the reabsorption of THC back into the blood

Best 7-Day Detox Kit

If you’re looking to remove marijuana from your system permanently, it’s not impossible! Be aware that persistence is key. These artificial products are most effective when combined with natural methods.

You may experience withdrawal symptoms for several weeks before seeing success. However, the chemical cleanse will take place in about a week. This is also a great option for non-immediate drug testing, tolerance breaks, or as a process to quit using weed altogether.

Green Fleets Premium Detox Kit is the fastest way to remove THC permanently in 7 days.

How Does It Work?

  • Improves the body fat breakdown, which releases THC stored in the fat cells
  • Increases the activity of liver enzymes, responsible for the metabolism of THC. This speeds up the removal of THC from the blood
  • Prevents the reabsorption of THC back into the blood from the intestines
  • Encourages urine output to remove THC metabolites from the system faster

What Are the Benefits?

  • Permanently removes marijuana metabolites from the body
  • Improves overall health
  • Discreet overnight delivery available
  • Lab undetectable
  • Comes with detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Includes healthy detox guide for faster natural detoxification

Best Permanent THC Detox Drink

If a drink appeals to you over a detox kit, try Green Fleets Stinger 7. This is the only permanent detox drink on the market and cleanses your body from marijuana in 7 days.


  • Avoid toxins for at least 48 hours prior to taking Stinger 7
  • Take one tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon in the evening, before meals. You can mix it with water or juice for taste if you prefer
  • Make sure that you measure with a standard tablespoon and not a teaspoon for the appropriate amount of liquid. There will be a few tablespoons of the liquid left over after the last dosage. Finish the rest of the bottle with your last dosage

THC Detoxification Aids

Lemon Juice

The vitamins A and C in lemon juice are natural antioxidants, cleansing toxins from the body. For an extra metabolism boost, add ginger to the lemon as a digestive aid (this may also avoid heartburn due to the lemon’s acidity). Optional: a sprig of mint for an added burst of freshness.

Mix one tablespoon lemon juice with 500ml water and sip over a few hours. Repeat several times in the week immediately prior to a drug test.


Vinegar has a similar cleansing effect to lemon juice due to its acidity. Mix one tablespoon apple cider vinegar with 500ml boiling water, then add a spoonful of honey for a potent detox cocktail.


A National Institutes of Health study followed 12 people consuming 500mg of Panax ginseng twice daily for 28 days. The results showed that Panax ginseng increased the activity of the enzymes responsible for the metabolism of THC in the liver.

Ginkgo biloba

A study with 14 people showed that the ginkgo Biloba extract increased the activity of the enzymes responsible for THC metabolism. Another study showed that taking the extract 100-2,500 ng/ml significantly increased the activity of the same enzymes.

Consuming ginseng and/or ginkgo Biloba during detox may help remove marijuana metabolites faster.

Intermittent Fasting

The goal of most types of fasting is to burn body fat. Since fat cells are where THC metabolites are stored, intermittent fasting can jumpstart the release of THC from the body. Fasting also improves the speed of organs that process toxins, such as the liver.

Nutritious Foods

Foods high in sugar, fat, and sodium causes water retention, making the effects of cannabis harder to pass. Avoid refined carbs and sodas. Instead, choose a diet based on lean meats and leafy green vegetables, which have nutrients that encourage digestive and waste secretion.

Good Quality Sleep

When the body is well-rested, involuntary processes such as digestion work at a good pace and help rid the body of toxins faster than when sleep is disturbed and the body goes into “conserve” mode. Getting sound sleep helps your organs do their detox job most effectively.


Q: What is the efficacy of THC detox drinks?

A: Detox drinks are very effective for temporarily flushing weed metabolites. However, you need to use detox drinks especially formulated to work for THC. Each could have variable results.

Q: What detox can I use while pregnant?

A: Consult your doctor for information on safety and efficacy with any detox while pregnant.

Q: What effect does a detox have on my brain?

A: The effect of regular marijuana usage is a hotly debated topic in the scientific community. Some studies claim the THC in cannabinoids causes mild memory loss over time; others say that the CBD component actually increases memory function.

Regardless of these implications, marijuana is either a depressant or hallucinogen. This means that when you suspend usage, your mind might feel sharper and clearer.

Q: How can I speed up a marijuana detox?

A: There are several methods to assist in faster detoxification. These include:

  • Using a detox kit
  • Healthy diet and exercise
  • Consuming food with fiber
  • Intermittent fasting

Q: Do detox drinks work for weed?

A: Drinks don’t detox – rather, they flush metabolites from the bladder, allowing you to pass a test. The effects of detox drinks are only temporary and should not be used by anyone hoping to see permanent results.

Q: Is detox tea effective for weed?

A: This is dependent on the tea contents. Some relaxant tea ingredients (think chamomile) slow the activity of enzymes responsible for drug metabolism and prevent THC from being removed from the body. Others, like ginger, speed up those processes.

Rooibos tea, in particular, is known for its positive cleansing effects on the liver and gallbladder.

Q: How quickly do THC detox pills work?

A: Most THC detox pills start working in 60 minutes, but it could take as long as a few hours to experience their full effects.

The Takeaway

There are several THC detox products available on the market. Some get effective results within an hour or so for a day-of test, though their effects are only temporary. Permanent solutions for those who want to suspend marijuana usage altogether take up to a week.

Ultimately, the results of any THC detox treatment will be more effective when combined with healthy living. Balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and sound sleep all contribute significantly to the flushing of THC from the body.